06 April 2006

The Gospel of Judas

When not scanning the local channels, I would be at Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Asia Travel, HBO, Star TV, Star Movies ... hmmm ... practically everywhere.

Well, I have also become a regular viewer of the National Geographic Channel. They are currently promoting this segment called Gospel of Judas and it looks like a very interesting topic. Thought you might want to check it out as well. This will be aired on Sunday, April 9, 2006 at 10:00PM.

The National Geographic Channel website describes it thus:
Discovered by chance in the 1970s, a document that lay hidden for nearly 1,700 years emerges today as the only known surviving copy of "The Gospel of Judas." The Gospel of Judas traces the incredible story of what has happened to the document since it was found, the recent authentication process, and key insight gleaned from its translation and interpretation. The research will reveal fascinating details contained within the document as well as key sections translated from its ancient Coptic script.

So, it's a TV date? Get the popcorn ready at 10PM!
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