04 April 2006

Amici di Don Bosco: Mama Mia!

I have been hearing about this pasta place along Don Bosco since the early 2000 when I was a volunteer teacher at Pugad in Don Bosco. On Fridays after office, I would meet up with some friends and teach science or math from 7:00 - 8:00PM or thereabouts. Afterwards, we would look for a place to have dinner. We would usually end up at nearby Makati Square.

My compainions would say, "there's a great pasta place just near here!"
"Where?", I would ask.
A shrug would be the reply and we're off to look for a place where we can satisfy our craving stomach.

Oh wonder of wonders! Amici di Don Bosco is just round the bend! From the basketball court where the classrooms are located, we would exit by the Church. At the left side of the gate as we exit the parking area is the fable known as Amici! I have been there a couple of times this year and their food is great!

I am not a pasta person, but hats-off to Amici for their good food. In fact, their serving is just right for one person with a moderate appetite like me (ahem). And their pizza servings are huge! There's also an ice cream station for those who can still feel a small space in their tummy to fit a moderate amount of desert.

Ummm... I haven't tried their pizza or ice cream yet but I do hope I can soon.

Plus, they offer cooking lessons! Cook pasta and pizza the Amici way! The schedules are prominently displayed on the tables (underneath the protective glass covering) and on the walls.

As for ambience, the place looks and feels like a cafeteria for that casual atmosphere and it definitely works. After all, pizza and pasta shoould be fun fare. I dunno, but these types of food make me feel like there's a party. Sorry, no beer here. It's right inside Don Bosco premises after all. There are bottled drinks though. For the pasta, expect to spend below 200 pesos, and it's worth every cent.


[Amici di Don Bosco is open from 11:00AM - 9:00PM, Monday to Saturday.]


  1. Anonymous6:18 pm

    I've been hearing a lot about this place too! Is there parking?

  2. Anonymous6:45 pm

    never been to a good pasta house while in manila..i might try that one,thanks for the tip..

    and hoy! shiyete..naloka akesh..i thought you are really a rich guy buying those stuff impulsively..ngeks!

  3. meron na bang dyan Pastamania? try it when you drop by here.

  4. Hi Toni! Parking is the church parking area.

    Sachikoooo! Ok ba sa delusion? hehehe

    Wala pa yata dito, Tanggers.

  5. The priest who run that place is a good business man and he loves food ! ;-)

  6. Sidney, thanks for dropping by! So... a priest who loves his food runs the place. That must be why their pasta is delicious.

  7. That pasta sure looks good. Even the bread on the side. Yum!!!

  8. hi watson.. we better visit that place. another great place for pasta and pizza is aveneto. it's cheap and they have large servings. which is better? in terms of quality and price?

  9. dessa girl... for me, in terms of price and quality... i would prefer the Amici di Don Bosco... :)


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