19 April 2006

The Ref Door Project: The Force is in Baguio and Boracay

Toni of Wifely Steps started the Ref Door Project which is a collection of photos featuring no other than your ref door! It's really quite simple to join in the fun. Just take a snapshot of your ref, describe it, and advise Toni about your post and she will make an update on a Monday.

Here's mine:

I have a varied collection of toys, mostly 70s and 80s anime merchandize (Voltes V, Macross, Mazinger Z, among others) and Star Wars stuff. I even bought a cabinet to house my collection. However, my passion has dwindled quite a bit because it is an expensive hobby and I would rather spend for baby Jo-Lo these days. Plus, there's no more space in the apartment! Toys can be seen on top of the TV, on shelves by the kitchen, on the stereo system, beside the photos, practically everywhere!

The ref was not spared. On top are Star Wars busts that my brother Doods sent me some months ago. I have cleared out the top of the ref before of -- you guessed it: toys -- and put them in storage but these "new" arrivals will have to content themselves with the ref's top for the meantime.

My door magnets are mementos of travels to Boracay (marine creatures galore) and my hometown of Baguio (the fruit baskets). They keep tabs of my utility bills. There were lots before, but we sometimes have our friends' kids over and they would pull out the bills with the magnets flying all over the place. Damage was inevitable.

On the side are Disney magnets I got from 7-11 last Christmas.

So what does your ref door look like? Take a shot, talk about it, and let Toni know!
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