01 April 2006

The simple life

*Yawn*. It was quite a boring week, really. Other than purchasing an iMac because it had this new iLife software going on,Nothing much going on in the office so I decided to cancel all my appointments yesterday morning and call Harry and friends. He dropped by the office in his BM and I said, "Dude, I'm so bored today. Let's go to the Auto Center near RCBC Plaza so I can check out the cars there and buy one today. Yes, I think I'd like a Toyota Innova, and when I'm done with that, I'll buy a BM too next week."

So off we went to the Toyota center. We tried out the Innova and after a couple of minutes I bought it out of boredom.

"Let's go to Baguio to break-in this car!" My companions heartily agreed. So we raced to Baguio via Kennon Road. When we got there, I chanced upon this nice nipa hut. I thought to myself, "getting what I want is sooo boring. So why not give it up for one day just to try out the simple life? No aircon (I'm in Baguio! Yay!), no TV, no bed, no couch, no computer, no internet!"

So I resigned myself to a simple life. I bought the nipa hut and was determined to stay there. My friends just shrugged. Then my phone rang. It was my other friends having the time of their life camping in Davao! We talked and laughed.

After an hour ...

I was staring at the ceiling. The call had ended a couple of minutes ago because my phone went dead. And this nipa hut had no electricity whatsoever. I shuddered. No lights? No bed? Not even a sofa bed? Aaaaargh.

I ran for my car, with my friends smirking and running right behind me. We drove back to Manila.

And that, is how my boring day went yesterday.
Happy weekend everyone!

And Happy April Fool's Day! :-)
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