06 July 2007

More than meets the eye

My thirst for Transformers merchandize has been satisfied recently, thanks to Dessagirl's Dakki business. I was just dropping by her cubicle a couple of days back when I saw the Dakki catalog on her table with "Transformers" boldly written on the cover. Mesmerized, I flipped it open and before I knew it, I had already placed my order for two shirts and a pillow for Jo-Lo. I notified a colleague who simply loves Transformers and not surprisingly, he placed orders for himself and his kids too. Our orders arrived this morning. Yipee!

Hmmm... I'll wear this Autobot shirt when I feel good, and the Decepticon shirt when I feel bad... some more colleagues ran off to Dessagirl to order when they saw the shirt. hehe

Men and their toys. hehe

The last time I have seen creative interest on a movie displayed so widely was Star Wars. And now here's Transformers of the 80s generation with the movie bringing it to new audiences.

I have seen at least 4 forwarded e-mail messages with a Transformers theme to it. Here are some of them:

This is supposed to be an animated gif. Try downloading the image and see if it works on your viewer.

Another e-mail was about a jeepney transforming into Bumblejeep! Still another is about a list of transforming actors and actresses. Here's a snapshot:

Want the e-mail in its entirety? Give me your address and I'll forward it to you. :-)

Oh yes, about the movie. To tell you frankly, I was a bit disappointed with it. Anticipation ran high, and we watched it on its first day of screening. I was expecting the storyline to be somewhat aligned with the cartoons, which will appeal to the 80s generation who knew the Transformers that way. But it turned out to be totally different. The storyline, the characters, they way they looked, etc.

I had a second opportunity to watch it again when we had an event with a film showing at the end of the seminar. Between entertaining the customers and dozing off at the lobby, I managed to watch the action scenes and at that time I began to appreciate the movie. It was actually cool when they had the battle scene in the city. So if somebody will treat me to the movie, I'll watch it again and perhaps gain a better appreciation of it. So who's treat is it?

The toys, though, which features the original transformers line, is now at 30% off! Hmmm... I just need to save a little in my next salary for that Bumblebee....
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