04 July 2007

Breakfast of the Islands

One thing I enjoy about going to different places in our lovely country is that I get to sample and enjoy the culinary specialties of the region. Alaminos in Pangasinan, for example, brings us sumptious longganiza. Dolores in the province of Quezon has this tasty vinegar extracted from kaong. Then we have danggit and pusit from Cebu!

What a wonderful way to have breakfast!

Do you know how to cook your longganiza? Here's how.

Put the sausages into the frying pan, and pour water over them. The water should submerge only about a quarter of the sausages. Cook over medium heat. I have been advised to simply cover it and let the simmering heat cook the meat but I like to occasionally take a peek and turn these over to make sure the other half gets cooked well too.

Soon, the water will have evparated. Weaken the fire a bit, and using a fork carefully pierce the sausage. Oil will ooze out. The sausage will start frying on its own oil. If this is insufficient, just add your favorite cooking oil. Turn the sausages occasionally until golden brown. Remove from oil.

Now, what to do with the remaining oil? Chop up a couple of garlic cloves and mash some cooked rice. Saute the garlic in the oil then fry the rice in it. Mmmmmm....

Now for the sauce. Crush a couple of garlic cloves and pour vinegar onto it in a sauce dish.

Hmmm... some danggit and pusit ought to complete this delectable meal? Go fry some too over a fresh set of pan and oil!

Now that's what I call a breakfast that's truly Filipino! Different food items from different regions, in the cool climate of Baguio.

Only it's not breakfast ... it's my merienda! :-)


  1. that's how we cook our longganiza, always with water and if we want more fats/oil (panlagay sa kanin), we usually add, well, more oil. just be careful using that fork, sometimes longganiza have the tendency to "explode" extra juice on you and it's painful! :)

  2. ay, ginutom ako bigla. sarap ng dangit at pusit.

  3. Zherwin: Yes, I noticed that. Kaya careful talaga. The sausage also tends to roll while you try to poke it, so be wary lest your breakfast ends up on the floor. hehe

    jho: Halata ba na paubos na yung pusit at danggit? Hehe. Patapos na ako nung naalala kong kunan ng photo.

  4. sarap. missed that. lots of cholesterol though.

    One time, a Visayan friend -balikbayan brought me danggit from the Phils.

    Fried some . My neighbors came knocking at my door.

    Para bang ang sloppyjoe nila ay di amoy anghit.


  5. Cathy: Hmmm... sana sinabi mo sloppy joe yung niluluto mo. hehe

  6. sir nick! lagi akong ganyan. i remember to take a pic of food after i eat! or like halfway! hehe..

    i love danggit and pusit.. the pusit smell is aweful but tastes wonderfuller!

  7. Well, I hope it tastes better than it looks! ...grin...

  8. Anonymous2:00 am

    Hindi ko muna binasa ang post mo at sinubukan kong hulaan kung ano yung nasa pics. Suman ang nasa isip ko eh longganisa pala.

    Marami ding danggit dito kaya lang ang lalaki, mas type ko yung medyo maliit lang.

  9. Dessagirl: Yeah... I love the smell you discovered in the tabuhan. hehe

    Phil: Waaahhh my photos were that bad, huh? Well, at least my cooking is waaay better! hehe

    Ann: Kakaiba ano? Parang necklace na buddha beads nga yung longganisa eh.

  10. Anonymous9:40 pm

    same here pano lutuin yan. naiba lang sa kanya toothpick gamit rather than buhol yung ends ng logganisa

    yun nga lang di ako mahilig sa longganisa. avoid ko sya as much as I can :(


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