14 August 2007

Blog block!

Belive it or not, I have been staring at the blogger post screen on and off for a couple of hours now while visiting trekking and UFO sites. But nothing seems to come out tonight! Beware... the blogger's block!

I sooo wanted to write about something. So as a last ditch effort before I go home, here are some updates:
1. This blog turned 3 last July, and once again, I forgot all about it! Next year again? Well actually in mid- July I was planning to make a batch of strawberry jam. It will be my first time ever to make strawberry jam but the recipe was so simple it was foolproof. So off I went to the market to buy strawberries.

Me: "Mano?" (How much?) I pointed at the pile.
Vendor: "350"
Me: "Ha?"
Vendor "350 maysa nga kilo." (350 a kilo)
Me: "Yang strawberries?"
Vendor: "Oo."

I cannot believe it. 350 pesos for a kilo of strawberries! Oh man. I was planning to make a batch and have a contest in my blog and give away strawberry jam to celebrate its anniversary! Well, it was obviously off-season because I only saw two vendors selling but I did not realize how expensive strawberries can get! And since my grand plan was foiled, I forgot all about the anniversary. Oh well. Next year again?

2. I'm reviving the baguio-quezon blog. I thought, what the heck. Since I'm in Baguio at least three times a month, I might as well blog about it, even if it's just photos. I'll try to update the layout next time. My mind's a total blank right now. Well, not totally I guess since I was able to squeeze this post.

3. I'm part of this experimental critic blog called kritikal kritiks. Just a simple blog where we try to be critics for movies, books, food places. Movies mostly. We love watching movies after all. But we try to write in Filipino with a little English mixed in for good measure. It's a nonsense blog which we are trying to make sense of. Thank goodness for blogging! For we are now movie critics! Ha!

Well now, that was excruciating. Time to go home! Hungry me!
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