02 August 2007

Amici di Don Bosco in Makati

I have blogged about Amici before, but they have new things in store for their patrons. They are now open til 10PM! On weekends, they can entertain guests til 11PM. That's really nice, because there were a couple of times when we wanted to have dinner at Amici, only to be turned down at around 8:30PM because it's already near closing time.

Likewise, parking is now more accessible. Park at Walter Mart because for a P300.00 food purchase, you can have your parking for free! And hitting the 300-peso mark isn't really that difficult, especially if you're a group of three or more.

New store hours, same great food! Pasta, pizza, bread and gelato galore!

I couldn't seem to find the photo on the new store hours, but if you're planning to go there, you may also call 893-8232 loc.113 (got this from clickthecity). Amici di Don Bosco is located at the Don Bosco Technical School Makati along Pasay Road, near Walter Mart.

PS For those leaving messages in my shoutbox, thank you very much! Unfortunately, I cannot access my own shoutbox. It seems to be blocked in the office. And I don't go online outside the office that much. So for the latest questions, here are the answers:
1. You may apply at PMA online at http://admission.pma.ph/pmaee/admission.html.
2. Yacon currently costs between 50-70 pesos in Baguio. Previously, it was 30-35 pesos. I t's become quite popular I guess.


  1. how true that amici di don bosco was sold to jollibee food corp?

  2. Zherwin: hmmm... that's news to me

  3. Anonymous1:55 am

    ang sasarap naman nyan! nakakagutom...

  4. rho: 10:30PM na, nasa office pa rin ako... kahit late na ngayon ang Amici magsara, mas late pa ako umuwi huhuhu

  5. Anonymous3:32 am

    whaaaattt???! grabe naman yan!! uwi ka na kuya.. pero malay mo umabot ka pa sa Amici!! bilissss... hehehe!

    ingatz ka!

  6. rho: 11:30 na ako nakauwi. huhu. tired and hungry kagabi. nagutom pa ako sa post ko na ito. HUHU

  7. Anonymous2:19 pm

    yummy food! unfortunately i rarelyh go to that part of makati so it's probably going to take a while before i can go there.

    btw, ngayon ko lang napuna na pag ginagaya ng anak mo ang expressions mo, lalo kayong nagiging magkamukha/.

  8. wow nakakagutom ..... layo sa amin. sayang ... mukhang masarap yung food. :)

  9. Lady Cess: Talaga, kamukha ko si Baby Jo-Lo? yehey!

    Airwind: reserve mo na lang sa special day.. Sulit talaga food dito. Sarap! Tapos pag-family day pa ang atmosphere. Relaxing.

  10. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Patulog na sana ako nagutom pa ako dito sa post mo tito nick.

    Tagal ko pala di nakadalaw..regards.

  11. Anonymous1:49 am

    n ako dun sa pizza, sana ma try ko rin dyan ang food, mukhang malinis at masarap ang food.

  12. namimiss ko na pagfu-food trip ng Marketing. huhuhu!

  13. nick, oo nga, ang sarap dyan sa amici. ang tiyaga mo magpicture =)

  14. bakit ganun, no? bakit never niyo pako iniinvite jan sa amicing yan! ha???? bakit?! bakit???!!!! kelan itoooooooo?????

  15. Ann: Good to see you back. O hindi pa talaga? hehe

    Iskoo: The food is really good there. Authentic sya. Galing na kasi ako sa Italy e so I know. hehe

    Chu: Kumusta na u!!!!

    Donna: Actually, 2 visits worth ang photos na ito kaya marami.

    Dessa: Ummm... huhuhu.... sige next time! Malapit lang kasi sa amin kaya very accessible.

  16. Anonymous8:25 pm

    heard of that news also. new owners? but at least they extended for 1 more hour :)

  17. tutubi: apparently it's true. I googled for "amici jollibee" and I got results. From blogs also, but it looks credible. Here's a sample:

    I hope they don't turn it into a "commercialized" shop. Its atmosphere is great as it is.

  18. Anonymous2:10 am

    Amici Foodservice Ventures Inc.
    is now open at 7am with breakfast na sila! big serving pa and also they have a delivery Telephone number 818-4444

  19. Anonymous2:15 am

    amici is malinis ang food masarap at mababait pa ang empleyado nila pati ang mga manager nila. Regards to all :) visit kami dyan every weekend

  20. Anonymous5:04 pm

    wow!!!sarap talaga dyan sa amici..nakkamiss 2loy yung pasta..hmmm...hope maka visit uli me dyn..mga co workers ko dyn,hope nandyn pa kyo..hehehe..c u soon..

  21. Anonymous5:08 pm

    hmmmm....tsalap tsalao namn..pasta,gelato..manang luming,andyn kp b? sarap magluto nyan...hehehe...hope 2 c u soon...

  22. extended hours? that's great news!

    i just hope the new management would maintain the same welcoming ambience as before.


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