28 August 2007

Total lunar eclipse on August 28

[Photo credit: space.com]

That's today! I hope the sky clears up so we can see this event.

The message from an e-mail received about this:
A total lunar eclipse will occur on August 28 and will be visible in the Philippines, the United States of America, the Pacific, eastern Asia, and Australasia. The totality will last for one hour and thirty minutes.

The eclipse will begin as the Moon enters the penumbral stage at 3:52 PM (Philippine Standard Time), and the umbral stage will begin at 4:50 PM as shown in the illustration. The eclipse will end at 9:22 PM (PST). The Moon will rise at 6:08 PM and sets on the following morning at 5:16 AM.

[photo credit: NASA]

Additional information: NASA site for the August 28 total Lunar Eclipse
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