10 August 2007

The truth is out there

Since Grade School, I have already been fascinated with things that science cannot easily explain. During those times, the only way you can read about these was if you go to the library, or if you have friends who have encyclopedias on the stuff. Fascinating!

Thanks to the internet, such information is now more accessible and updated! So, what exactly are these "stuff" about?

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) - including abductions, cattle mutilation, bits of alien things injected into people. Though when I stare at the skies and trace out the big dipper (half-hoping that I see something extraordinary), abduction is the furthest thing from my mind.

The website UFO Evidence has lots of photos and narrations of UFO sightings. While there are photos that are documented as fake, there are still lots that have been left unexplained.

Cattle mutilation is likewise a curiosity. Cuts are made with laser-like precision. Why want animal insides and leave the beef? If the aliens were so intelligent, couldn't they have taken the whole cow with them instead, or chopped up the meat using their laser beam into tenderloin sizes? Or will this be considered double-dead? Hmmm. Drop by Crystalinks' Cattle Mutilation page for a sample. (photo above credited to them)

Religious implications
Did you know that even in rennaisance paintings, there are indications of UFO existence. It is even deduced that the star which shone on Jesus when He was born came from an alien spacecraft. Of course, that kind of thinking will lead you to the obvious line of thought about the origin of Jesus. Out of this world, isn't it?

Or even before that, when the Virgin Mary received news of important role of becoming the mother of the Saviour of mankind, a UFO-like structure was visible.

In other paintings, the objects depicted are look so much like saucers floating about with lights emitting from them.

I learned about the above things way back in college (the late 90s). The SLU library had this huge book about UFOs in the Reference section, along with lots of nice books on paintings.

Just recently, I read about Christian iconology that refute the apparent presence of UFOs in these paintings. Very intriguing and illuminating! After more than 20 years, I realize that what I read in those books years ago were nothing more than flights of fancy! Alas! Read about this on Art and UFO.

Oh, before I forget. The UFO photo at the start of this post is a fake. It was very famous way back when due to the detail of the ship. Very rare in UFO photos. (photo credit: ufosrus)

Hmmm... I was supposed to write about all of the weird things that fascinate me as a kid and until now. But this UFO topic alone is worth an entire post by itself!

There are loads of other sites waiting to be discovered in the Net. A simple Google search will reveal lots of other references.

I believe that something is out there, watching us. And it's not just the Star Wars / Star Trek / ET / Close Encounters movie fan in me that's talking.

What about you?
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