03 January 2008

Nasugbu, Batangas Getaway

My first post for the year! Yipee!

To start it off, allow me to greet you a Happy, happy New Year and here's to a 2008 full of new experiences and adventures!

And to give a quick update on my yearender to-do-list:
1. Watch a movie in iMax - done!
2. Watch a play - done!
3. Buy a new phone (to replace my office phone) - done!
4. Trek and spend the night under the stars - undone!
5. See my friends from Questor days and friends from my old neighborhood - 50% done!
6. Pay off my two credit cards - 50% done!
7. Start my food blog - 50% done!
8. Monetize my blog - I could use the money - undone!

I was only able to complete 45% of my tasks! Darn. I wasn't able to do items 7 and 8 because I was at home practically the entire holiday season and we don't have internet access (Jurassic!). My other credit card is still quite busy paying off important stuff, things that perhaps I may be able to share with you three to four months from now, and as for item 4... I really would have loved a pre-Christmas trek but what a hectic December it was! And then I went home for the holidays. Oh well.

We did, however have a wonderful trek last October which I was not able to blog about. It was really more of a vacation than a trek. Our vehicles practically escorted us to the beach front. We pitched tent by the beach, behind an open cottage. It was wonderful. The waters of the private beach is quite calm as it is in a secluded cove, with a couple of fisherfolk houses near the area. We spent the night under the stars, cooked wonderful meals, and thoroughly enjoyed the waters and the scenery. I hope we can go back. I hope everyone can have wonderful adventures in 2008!

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