23 January 2008


Ever since our Aunt Linda taught us how to make paper cranes one grade school night by our double-deck, I have become fascinated with the art of paper folding. After the paper crane came boats which helped while the time away in the rainy afternoons. Puppets, planes, and lots more took form from plain scraps of paper.

I guess that fascination has never left me. My wife bought me a wonderful Origami book in the past Book Fair, and I bought art paper for just the stuff.

Last Christmas, the kids and I made butterflies and stars, the former adorning our walls and the latter making our window view colorful and bright. Then, I made a series of decorative balls which we hung by the doorway.
Last Christmas, I also asked from our Kris Kringle office some Origami books. It was obviously quite easy to identify who made that request, as evidenced by the scribbled messages on my request list: "Nick, is that you?" hahaha!

But my request was granted. Not just for one book, but for two! Thanks Janice and Dave!
Both books came from Fully Booked. This one also contains beautifully-patterned origami paper and a crane aside from the book! Wonderful present.
The models in this one looks more tricky to fold....

This is my simple pleasure.

I am actually on the lookout for photo frames that has enough space between the glass panel and the backboard for framing origami work. I have been unsuccessful so far. If you know where such frames are bought, I will appreciate a holler!

What about you? How do you origami?


  1. Wow ang tyaga naman. Astig!!!

  2. hanggang plane and boat and hats lang tayo jan, nagsawa na katuturo ang mga hapon dito sa akin kasi yung ibon di ko maperfect-perfect hehe.

    regarding sa frames, pa-customize ka na lang, o di kaya try mo sa papemelroti o di kaya sa mga wedding shops (yung mga nagpe-preserve ng wedding bouquets), sa 5th floor sa megamall meron :)

  3. i love origami, too. i was doing one project just before i left manila but i forgot to bring it.

    there are ready-made frames you can buy in any arts and crafts stores, either in robinson's or megamall. look around for those paper toles, those 3D thingies and that's the kind of frames that they use. kung gusto mo naman makatipid, marami sa may cm recto papuntang central market. dikit-dikit ang mga nagpe-frame dun.

  4. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Mga simple lang alam ko, wala kasi akong masyadong tyaga, lalo ngayon laging loaded sa work. Nadagdag pa ang blogging.

  5. Anonymous6:32 pm

    hi kiwi: musta ka na? di na ako nakakapasyal sa blog mo... bawi ako next time, daming work talaga.

    hi ann: musta ka na rin? kelan pala uwi nyo dito sa pinas? napanood ko sa tv one time, may snow daw dyan. nabasa ko rin sa blog mo yun eh...rgds to kd and kids!


  6. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Simple pleasures are the best! The girls and I love origami too. I love those stars that you put on the window. We'll have to try that next time.

    Kumusta na? And the family too? and tagal kong hindi nakapamasyal. Sowy :)

  7. When we were in Singapore, our landlady taught me how to make a box, like a little trash bin. It was very handy like whenever I cook, I'd have one on the counter and I can just toss small bits into it. We'd have one on the dinner table too for fishbones and stuff. Unfortunately, I can't remember how to make it anymore. :(

  8. Sassy06: Thanks!

    Zherwin: salamat sa photo frame tips!

    Kiwipinay: uyyy salamat sa photo frame tips! Hindi ako masyado nagagawi sa CM Recto so magtatanong-tanong ako dito sa opis.

    Ann: Kumusta ang south beach diet business! Malamang malago, especially since after the holidays, marami gusto mag-diet ulit!

    Dearest: is dat yu? hehe

    JMom: Oks lang po yun. Actually I wanted to make lanterns like we used to. Kaya lang wala akong tyaga maghanap ng materials kaya dinaan na lang sa origami.

    Jet: Ako rin meron sa kwarto, paper bowl. Nilalagyan ko ng barya. Ang tibay nya! Six months old na, di pa rin sira.

  9. I don't do origami... it is too difficult and I don't have the patience for it.
    Anyway, I have fun. It looks you are talented at it.

  10. Sidney: It really is quite amazing, seeing how a piece of paper becomes something else.

  11. Sidney: It's wierd but I still can't access your photoblog.

  12. Anonymous12:18 am

    so bata ka pa mahilig ka na mag-origami?
    i'm sure you have sent a love letter in an origami?

  13. Lady Cess: Aside from lakwatcha, mahilig rin po ng origami noon. Hehe. Even better than a love letter... we filled an art book with origami, always with two of an item! Siguro wala na yun ngayon, we drifted apart after a year kasi... wow reminiscing. High school life oh my high school life...

  14. Anonymous5:11 am

    one of the things i wanna learn to do


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