18 April 2008


Going to meet-ups (or eyeballs or EBs, as they are more commonly referred to) is always loaded with fun and laughter. In the 90s, I used to attend a lot of these but it was with only one group: the CampV5 people. Some of us still get in touch occasionally but in our heyday it was every week!

Well, I haven’t attended that much social gatherings, and I’m not particularly fond of going to parties anyway where I am not acquainted with half the people mingling about. But with blogger EBs, it’s different. People who meet face-to-face for the first time ask how the kids are doing, how was their vacation last weekend was, and share laughs like they’ve known each other for years.

And when it rains, it pours. This week, I was in three blog-related EBs. The first one was at the book launching (see previous post) last Monday. And then there was the big EB at the Mall of Asia by good online friends Ann and KD last Tuesday. Among the merry crowd, I was only familiar with a few so I whipped out my pen and paper and got their “autographs”:

Razzy’s Anything Goes | Left without a note | Litaniya ni Tekla | Masterbetong’s Vantage Point | Lady Cess’ Occupation: SAHM | Cielo's Brown Pinay | tin-esopheric.blogspot.com (not found?) | Malaya’s My so-called World | Wendy’s The Maven | Rems’ Bigrhome.com | Rachel’s Life is Fun | Noemi’s About my Recovery | Sexy Mom’s The D Spot

Photos courtesy of Masterbetong:

Whew! That’s quite a list! If I forgot to include anybody, let me know please! The hosts, husband and wife tandem KD and Ann are nice company. I chatted with KD and Masterbetong most of the time, and learned some interesting tidbits about significant happenings in their online life. Thanks again for the wonderful meet-up and the loot bag full of goodies!


And then, the following day, Blogkadahan had a dinner EB at BatJay’s favorite place, Pots and Noodles located at SM Megamall. We also had a special guest that night: Mec and Jojo’s son Yakee! It was great having dinner with Doc Emer (http://emeritus.blogspot.com/), Mari (http://avantgarde-deux.blogspot.com/2008/04/ang-batang-kaning-lamig-take-2.html), Apol (http://apolthegreat.blogspot.com/), Tito Rolly (http://titorolly.blogspot.com/), Mec (http://delisyusness.blogspot.com/2008/04/meeting-legend.html), Jojo (who I met years ago), and of course, BatJay (http://kwentongtambay.com/), who was interviewed that night and signed some more books for us.

Photos courtesy of Doc Emer:

After dinner, we trooped to Starbucks for late night coffee and we ended up leaving the shop when the chairs and tables were already being piled up. Hahaha. Thank you, BatJay, for the treat, and have a safe trip going back to Jet!
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