14 April 2008

Mga Kwento ng Batang Kaning Lamig Book Launch

What fun! We attended the Fox Literary House, Inc. book launch which includes the second book of BatJay: Mga Kwento ng Batang Kaning Lamig. What's even more fun is seeing fellow bloggers Tito Rolly, Apol, and Pauline. Ajay also showed up along with her cool digital camera. I'm sure she was able to get wonderful shots, unlike these ones from my camera phone.

Oh, and we had an impromptu google ads session from Mr. Manuel Viloria. Thank you so much for the tips! Sir, pahingi nung photo! hehe

We were seated at the back. Shy ako e. hehe. BatJay, whose book was sold out, explains what it is all about while the artist Kenikenken looks on.
Group photo of the authors
BatJay's long line of book signing

Ajay showed up just in time with her hi-tech camera!

The authors, many of whom are literary masters through their college degrees, work, and accolades, took turns talking about their books. It made me buy the other books actually. I will be reading through these and post some book reviews! Hope you guys also patronize these books and support Filipino authors.


  1. Anonymous12:39 am

    Ang bilis ah!:-)

    Panenok ng picture ha?

    Naiwan ko yung mga libro sa kotse ni Tito Rolly. hehe! Babasahin ko naman sana ngayon yung DAGTA. LOL

    See you on Wednesday?

  2. Apol: why not choc nut? Niregalo ko yung Dagta book sa opismate ko. Hindi na maalis ngisi sa mukha nya.

  3. Wow, may goatee na ang lolo mo! Tagal ko kasing natigil sa pagbo-blog, e. Iba na ang hitsura ng mga tao...


    Btw, I also still have that Voltes / Animequest shirt you were wearing in the previous post. :D

  4. kumuha ko ng isang picture ha. Thanks. HIrap ng walang sariling camera eh.

  5. Meowok: that's one of my favorite shirts. Medyo faded na nga eh kasi madalas kong gamitin. Meron pa kayang mabibilhan nito?

    Tito Rolly: kahit lahat, ok lang! :-)

  6. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Hi! Pi-nost ko yung photo ninyo dito. :-)

  7. Nick,
    If memory serves me right, I think naubos yang shirt na yan nung Anime Quest. So collector's item na yang favorite shirt mo! :D


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