09 April 2008


Do you notice anything out of the ordinary in my photo below?

While trying to see what made us take the ordinary-looking photo above, I'd like to share some snippets of information for the week...

Elegant wine glasses at 35 pesos each!

Yep, you read it right. These wine and margarita glasses are a steal at 35 pesos each from The LandMark along Makati Avenue here in Makati. Of course, at this price you would expect these glasses to have some minor defects, such as bubbles. But they are really not so noticeable, especially if it's going to be used at a busy party. Plus, it won't hurt so much if a guest accidentally breaks it. We bought some to be used for drinking water. We'd feel like eating in a restaurant even when at home! :-)

Short Sharp Showers this month of April

That's this month's Do the Green Thing task. Well, this will be easy compared with last month's where I had to go meatless. Of course, the tasks does not only apply for the month it was assigned to; you have to integrate it into your daily living. But that said, this month's task is very doable, especially since I usually rush for work in the morning and I have been taking short sharp showers for the longest time already. This will be a walk in the park. Chicken feed, even. haha!
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