16 January 2009

Walk the walk

One of the unique things we see here in New Zealand is walking barefoot. We have seen some doing this in the central business district, in the mall, by the sidewalk. Not just kids, but men and women of various ages. My hypothesis is that they are so delighted with the coming of spring and summer that they love the feeling on sand between their toes, so to speak. One thing though... if you couldn't figure out which pair of shoes you'd like to wear, at least you have another choice: ditch the shoes and walk! :-)

This is really something, especially since we come from a country where parents fuss over their kids if they forget to put on slippers when going out.

One day when we saw yet another person walking about barefoot, my wife decided to try it for a short while. Walking on the cool green grass is not out of the ordinary, and then she proceeded to walk on the pavement.

After a few minutes, we were still a bit puzzled. Why walk barefoot? Of course, the roads here are some of the cleanest you can ever find. That might be a reason. A clean road celebration of sorts? What do you think?

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