06 December 2006

December flowers

Our Christmas tree is up! Actually, we just let Halloween pass by and then we already took out our Christmas tree.
The photo above is one of the few photos I was able to save from my 6630 before it got stolen. *sniff*

Have I mentioned before that we moved house again in Baguio City? Well, it was a nice change actually. There's a playground outside the house (though it's cemented but it's nice just the same), it's a bit far from the road so it's relatively quiet, and there's a bit of land where I can plant!

Here's the plot of land when we moved in ...
And after. I planted roses and ostrich feather-like plants here, and bought some anthuriums. I love the place because butterflies would occasionally drop by and flutter around the plants. It's a sight you never get to see everyday.
December is also a very nice time for sunflowers. It's the time when they get into full bloom mode and follow the sun as it travels across the sky.

Here's a photo of the view outside the house when we moved in last November ...
And here's what it looks like just last weekend.

So here's to a meaningful December to all of us, and may your surroundings be filled with flowers and butterflies!


  1. hello wats0n... how nice naman your new place..so excited to see it this new year!!!!

  2. Balikbayan: Maligayang Pasko rin sa yo!

    Princess Em: Uy hindi sya kasingganda ng palace nyo sa Davao ha!

  3. Anonymous1:27 am

    Your tree is so tall. Must be a high ceiling yan new place nyo. Love the sunflowers.

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  4. Anonymous5:08 am

    congrats on your new place! parang preskong presko ang dating.

    and advanced merry christmas to you and your lovely family! :)

  5. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Iba pa rin talaga yung paligid na may mga flowering plants, mas presko talaga.

    Ganda ng family pic nyo.

  6. ngarrr..ok nga eh..ang ganda nung ginawa mo sa likod nyo..

  7. Anonymous2:20 am

    What a nice and tall Christmas tree.

    Congratulations to your new home. May it be filled with laughter and joy especially this coming Christmas season.


  8. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Dear, why did you not include our lovely roses?


  9. Leah: I thought I'd have a problem with our Christmas tree. Good thing the ceiling was high enough. No more space though to put the star on.

    Meowok: Thanks! And advanced Merry Christmas to you too!

    Ann: thanks ha!

    Princess Em: See you soon in Baguio!

    Rach: thanks!

    Dear: I do not have the photos of the roses in bloom ...

  10. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Wow! That's a tall tree. When we put up our tree a couple of weeks ago, the kids thought that it seemed to have shrunk. I told them they just got taller that's why the tree looks smaller to them.

  11. i love the sunflowers! i love your super tall tree! wish i could visit jolo over there this Christmas!!!!


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