26 January 2007

The more things change, the more things stay the same

I've got two bits of news to share...

Blogger, here I come!

I've finally moved to the new Blogger! It hasn't been allowing me to do so even when it got out of beta weeks ago. But as I was about to write a new post, voila! Move to the new Blogger I did.

I have heard there were problems with the beta phase, such as commenting. I do hope they've been fixed.

Though I'm in the new blogger, expect the same old me doing the food (sorry Princess Em, can't help it; I love food eh), movies, family, stories I enjoy writing about.

Ten years is quite a long time
I have been mentioning in my Baguio blog about my friends in college. There were 9 of us, and we were inseparable. We'd spend whatever's left of the afternoon after school and work (we were working students) together and even walk all over town to accompany each other home.

Wow... how time flies. Each has their own life to live now, we keep in touch from time to time but it's not as frequent as we would like it to be. Here's the best surprise for 2007. One of our friends have come to visit. She was gone for 10 years! She now lives in Canada, and she had a month's vacation to visit the Philippines. She spent a couple of days in Baguio. Prior to that, I also met her for dinner last week.

My wife told me they talked til late in the night catching up on each other's lives, and even baby Jo-Lo joined them in burning the midnight oil.

Ten years has gone, and yet she's still the spunky girl we know. Thanks for the pasalubong, Tess!

Here's to a year of more pleasant surprises. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Anonymous7:56 pm

    ey watson, thanks in adavance, i emailed you on gmail account... thanks ulet...

  2. Hi Nick,

    true...time flies and changes happen yet sometimes you notice that the change was all for the good and sometimes so unnoticeable.

    btw, I tagged you. Checkout my newest post.

  3. Anonymous3:05 pm

    masarap talaga ang get-together with old friends. :)

  4. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Hello tito nick! Dumating din yung friend namin from canada, 15 yrs di umuwi. Tinawagan lang ako during their night out para inggitin...hehehe. Pero I'm happy for them kahit di ako nakasali.

  5. Anonymous2:30 am

    nag switch ako sa new blogger, parang wala naman masdayong effect except that yung previous post sa sidebar di nag reresponse so mahirap inavigate yung lumang post, pwede sa archive kaso monthly anf loading so sobrang bagal. kaya mag w-wp na ako sa feb

  6. I guess we were all forced to switch to the new blogger since i wasn't even allowed to log into the old blogger. haha. anyway, it seems ok. i was reluctant to switch because my "Recent Comments" feature might not work, but it looks like it's working. Hope the new blogger will work for all of us. cheers. :)

  7. Anonymous9:16 pm

    i am very comporatble in blogger until they upgraded. well kung pag-aaralan ko lang siguro nga mas maganda yung new beta, kaso tamad ako eh, hehe. kaya wp nalang muna ako..

  8. Testing 1 2 3. I hope your blog would accept my comment.
    Regards kuya Nick!

  9. ang arte yata ng blogger ngayon, minsan di ako makapasok kakatamad tuloy mag-post ...

    salamat sa pagbati, soweee ngayon lang nakadalaw uli

    di kami pumunta ng baguio last vacation, sa beach nagbabad mga kasama ko eh sawa na sa lamig ;)


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