28 September 2007

Important Dates I missed

Time is flying by so fast. Next week is October already! And as the days whizzed by, so did some important dates I was planning to celebrate but never got to do so:
1. Left Hander's Day, August 13th
I have known for a couple of years now that there is this special day especially for us lefties! But this year, I forgot to celebrate it. I already had plans for a simple gathering whereby all the guests will have to eat the left-handed way. Sayang.
2. This blog's third year anniversary, last July 2
When I missed this, I was already planning to ressurect my Baguio-Quezon blog and was thinking of celebrating the anniversary of that one.
3. Baguio-Quezon's third anniversary, last Sept 20
Busy busy busy!

Perhaps I just ought to designate one day before this year ends and I will celebrate all these! Unless I forget again...


  1. This is the first time I've heard of Left Hander's Day. How interesting considering my hubby is a leftie.

  2. Rach: talaga? Nice to know there's another fellow leftie out there!

  3. first time ko rin narinig tong left hander's day chuvanels eck eck

    nways, another thing you forgot: my birthday. you didnt text me! hmp!

    malapit na bday mow.. oct na eh

  4. Congratulations on all those (missed) anniversaries and celebrations. :D

  5. Anonymous8:29 pm

    left handers day.. i should keep that in mind... thanks

  6. ay sinabi mo nick, ambilis talaga ng panahon. can't believe it'll be october on monday. dibale, puwede ka pa rin magcelebrate. better late than never. =)

  7. Anonymous3:47 am

    ngayon ko lang nalaman na meron palang special day para sa mga left-handed!! aba sa susunod na taon makiki-celebrate na rin ako dahil left-handed naman ako! hehehe!

    anyway, happy anniversary sa blogs mo!!

  8. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Akala ko ibang blog ang nabuksan ko eh. Bait naman ni Carlotz!

  9. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Nyek! Naduling na yata ako tito nick! Kanina tingin ko sa title mo imported dates....hehehe..yung nag-iisang prutas ng saudi na dates. Tapos yung comment ko sa kabila napunta dito..ano ba yan? Musta na? Regards kay Tina.

  10. Deeagirl: Actually hindi ko nakalimutan. Kalat nga sa opis eh pero absent ka. hehe

    Meowok: salamat. I think

    Docchef: you're welcome

    Donna: Oo nga. I celebrate ko sabay-sabay.... so magdamag na celebration ito

    Ann: Nung una nalito ako, tapos sa second comment mo, natawa ako. Di ba kakaiba yung translation mo ng dates?

  11. Aha, so you are a lefty! That explains a thing or two... grin... Ever seen any of these interesting lefty vs righty theories? Check 'em out...

  12. Phil: exactly what explains my being a lefty? Hmmm.... I hope they're good! hehe

    In school, out of say, 10 classrooms with 40 chairs each, you can only find less than three chairs for lefties in all. And I don't always get to stay in classrooms with leftie chairs. That was but one problem with a right-hand dominant world. It was tough but lefties prevail. I really should celebrate this day next year.


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