18 December 2007

Item 2 done!

Last Friday, my friends and I got all hyped up because of the much-anticipated play later that evening. Yes, in my quest to complete the to-do-list I made some time back, I even managed to influence some friends to join in the fun. Bwahahaha!

I'm not really much into play. I just watch when I feel like it, which is like once every other year. The very first play I watched was Ms. Saigon at the CCP, and though it was not Lea Salonga, I enjoyed it immensely. How they were able to fit the helicopter into the set is beyond me. Next was Wizard of Oz in Greenbelt Theater. It was also a memorable affair, with the revolving sets and the Somewhere Over the Rainbow song.

Along the way I missed Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah (I have the comic books and watched the movie and loved it!), Darna when she had her anniversary (Vilma Santos is still the best Darna there is in the movies and Nino Muhlach as Ding).

While waiting for the play to start, I browsed through the program. It said that Avenue Q is like Sesame Street for adults. Of course, I wondered what they meant about that, but when you see the set, it is indeed like a scene from Sesame Street. And the puppets! Memorable characters they are. And did I mention it's Sesame Street for adults? Hahaha! Well... there's puppet nudity involved! But it's really hilarious! The songs are memorable, the characters realistic, the storyline engaging. Of the many wonderful actors on stage, I am only familiar with two: Aiza Seguerra (who plays Gary Coleman) and Rachel Alejandro. Of course I am already that Ms. Alejandro is a great singer, but Aiza's performance was top notch! She played Gary Coleman really well.

The story is about a guy full of hopes and dreams (as any new grad can be) and he looks for an apartment and a job. He ends up in Avenue Q because the rental rates at the other places are quite steep for someone who's just starting to choose his career path. He finds adventure and love and in this neighborhood as he searches for his purpose.

I love the play. The bit with the puppets work really well in weaving the story. Catch it if you have the time! We got our tickets at TicketWorld. Whoops! I just checked. Dec 18 and 22 are already sold-out.


  1. Anonymous12:44 am

    ako mhilig sa plays and musicals

  2. SO, is internet is for porn? hehehe ang galing nilang lahat no? para tuloy silang hindi tao because they can switch from one character to another without much effort, and with the characterization intact.

    princeton/rob/felix rivera is the guy from lucky me pancit canton commercial (me good news at bad news, the one playing PSP), and trekkie the monster/nicky/joel trinidad (the bald guy, like us hehe) is noel trinidad's son. christmas eve/frenchie dy is from star in a million.

    btw, we missed the first three minutes of the show :(

  3. Tutubi: recommend ka ng magagandang plays ha!

    zherwin: yes it is! hahaha! Thanks for the additional info. Magpa-dreadlocks rin kaya ako gaya nung nasa lucky me commercial? Bagay ko kaya? hehe

  4. Yey! Happy you enjoyed Avenue Q. Hindi ko pa rin napapanood! :D Kapag may nabalitaan akong maganda pang plays, sabihan kita!

  5. Thanks Akazukin Cha Cha este Toni!

  6. Anonymous4:37 pm

    id been hearing about this play ... wala lang time ... :( may nudity? wehehe .... me likey ... wehehe. Advanced merry christmas po!

  7. I love plays. Its a good form of art. Buti naman that you find the time to watch them.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Anonymous12:31 am

    " A lovely thing about Christmas is that it's compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together."
    -Garrison Keillor

    Happy Holidays to You and Your Family! :)

  9. Hi Watson. Glad you enjoyed the play. I came by to wish you and your loved ones a memorable Christmas and promising New Year.

  10. Anonymous11:08 am

    uy, i miss this one... merry christmas watson, regrads to wifey and cholo... :)

  11. why didn't i get invited to watch? kasama ko naman kayo peter pan diba?

  12. Nice pic, aliw naman yung pink na Q =) We also saw the play last September. Galing nga ni Aiza. Sabi ni Bebert pag ipikit mo mata mo, you'll think it was actually Gary Coleman.


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