03 December 2007

My to-do-list

Here's a list of things I want to do before the year ends:

1. Watch a movie in iMax - done!
2. Watch a play
3. Buy a new phone (to replace my office phone)
4. Trek and spend the night under the stars
5. See my friends from Questor days and friends from my old neighborhood
6. Pay off my two credit cards - nearly done!
7. Start my food blog
8. Monetize my blog - I could use the money

Been quite busy at the office lately. This time of the year is really hectic. I look forward to the holidays. In the meantime, I'll try to blog whenever I can.


  1. Oo nga, kitakits!

  2. Watch a play - Avenue Q's second will start next week, Dec 14 until Dec 22 (I think, i could be wrong). we already got the tickets for the dec 15 show :)

    there's also Repertory's Fiddler of the Roof at Onstage Greenbelt until Dec 16, or Gantimpala Theater's R-Rated Romeo and Juliet (AFP Theater/SM Southmall), and many more!!!

  3. i mean Avenue Q's second run, my bad. :)

  4. 1. Watch a movie in iMax - done!
    --> What did you see? Beowulf? :D

    2. Watch a play
    --> Tingin ka sa Onstage Greenbelt for Repertory plays, like Into the Woods. Tsaka Avenue Q!

    7. Start my food blog
    --> Looking forward to this.

    8. Monetize my blog - I could use the money
    --> Have you lurked sa Berks email lately? Recent email exchanges have been focusing a lot on tips and ideas for blog monetizing.

    Hey you want to join the TY 2007 Blogkadahan round? Just send in your entry anytime, or save it as draft. I can post it any time you want. Basta before the year ends. :D

  5. Anonymous7:44 am

    Hi Watson...I'll be looking forward to your foodblog ...I'm a foodie too :)

    and I wish you fun time should you start monetizing your blog...I've been doing it for 3 months now and it's (earning) been helpful.Should you need tips please do let me know.

    thess (www.thesserie.com)

  6. Anonymous10:50 am

    Oo nga , dami mong post about food, abangan ko yan.

    Regards kay Tina.

  7. Igor: looking forward to it!

    Zherwin: Salamat sa advice! We are getting a schedule for Avenue Q!

    Toni: Avenue Q it is! Di ako nag-commit kasi talagang sobrang dami kong ginagawa ngayon. Pero kapag makakaparticipate ako, send ako ng post ko. Thanks again!

    Thess: Thanks very much for the advance notice for assistance!

    Ann: Thanks. May bago kang post ano? Dalaw ako sa blog mo. Makakarating po ang regards.

  8. hey, text jhorca/joelle 09209010863, we got our tickets from her. i think she bought the dec 15 show, maybe she still has some, and she's also a blogger, got her number from awesome anton. :)

  9. Hi Watson. Hope you accomplish everything on the list. Keep up #6. I'm trying to do the same. :)

  10. Anonymous8:30 am

    Clear skies would be real ideal for #4.

    Yeah, stay away from #6 after they are all paid off. These credit card companies are everything you wanna call them, silent thieves, daylight robbers, devils, at iba pa....cheers and goodhealth...

  11. Anonymous3:41 pm

    aba, marami-rami na rin ang natatapos mong gawin bago matapos ang taon! congrats!!

    merry christmas na... and happy new year syempre! hehehe!

  12. So what phone are you planning to buy, Watson?

  13. tito nick, para mo na ring sinabi na nadadalaw lang kita pag may bago akong post...hehehe. Talagang busy lang ako ngayong December, nag-iipon para sa bakasyon.

  14. zherwin: thanks! I'll ask if my colleague has already reserved tickets. We are targeting Dec 14, friday! Malamang kasi sa sa Dec 15, nasa Baguio na ulit ako.

    Rach: Many thanks!

    Trublue: How I miss trekking! Yeah, grabe talaga ang interest rate ng credit cards!

    Rho: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year rin sa yo!

    Abaniko: Ummm... iPhone!

    Ann: Hehe... oo nga ano parang ganun ang implication. Happy saving!

  15. Hehehe.. A diverse list.

    You still have 20 days to finish the rest. Very doable. :D

    Mmm.. A food blog. That will be fun.

    I am back blogging again in a new domain alternatii.com

  16. A short list but quite difficult to fulfill kung hindi matutukan...
    Good luck and wish you success...

  17. Half of number 5, check! Thanks to last Saturday... ;)

  18. Alternati: I guess I should have added: get a new domain name. I've always wanted one

    Dodong: One task which might not be done is the camping part. Hectic work schedule!

    Meowok: It was great seeing you all again. Photos please!

  19. busy busy busy busy.... haay.. never ending yan sir nick.

    you have to really make time for your list.. dont wait for some free time to come up..

  20. Hi again :) The omron pedometer is 750 pesos, which I think is a bit pricey because its functions are very basic. There's a more expensive one at P1500, i think it has a calorie counter and shows how far you've walked in kilometres. :) Good luck!

  21. Thanx for the info, francescabean :)


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