03 September 2009

Mabuhay Social Night

Hi there friends! Please be informed that the MABUHAY Association ( a Pinoy cultural group ) is inviting you and family for a potluck dinner to be held this coming Saturday (05 September) at 7pm in the Johnsonville Community Centre, 2nd floor. We are involved in propagating our cultural heritage through dance, song and other artistic means typical of our culture. We are currently enticing families to support this objective and encourage your young children to participate in our activities as a cultural performer in our forthcoming production next year. For more details, please come this saturday so you will have an idea and witness our short entertainment program for all of our guests and members to enjoy.

We have to pass the baton to the younger generation, if we want them to establish their roots from their place of origin while living in a foreign land. It's an awesome task and we need your parental support to achieve this, otherwise our cultural heritage will just fade into oblivion never to be heard and experienced by our children and their children.

Furthermore, MABUHAY is now under a new leadership and it is hoped that the Association will be able to recapture more of our distant but glorious past through our cultural endeavours.

Hope to see you on Saturday night if you don't have any commitments yet...and hope to hear from you!

Warm Regards,

Alice Javellana-Rufino

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