02 December 2009


They're baaaack, and I'm excited.

V is a TV show from 1983, though I think it was shown later in the Philippines. I loved watching V at that time, and faithfully followed the series on primetime. For the uninitiated, V is a sci-fi series which is about the sudden appearance of alien ships on planet Earth and they, so to speak, comes in peace. They would like to forge a harmonious relationship with humans and share their technology for our benefit.

It was too good to be true. Turns out they had a sinister agenda all along!

A lot of rats and hamsters were "harmed" in the making of the series. At the latter part, I remember there was one born of human and alien, so she was a hybrid of sorts. But with her lineage also came a prophesy that she will bring salvation to the world.

And then things get blurry from there... I don't recall seeing the ending of the series.

But V is getting a reboot! And the first episode is showing at TV2, 8:30PM tonight. Looking forward to it!

Photo credit: Le Canapé

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