16 March 2010


My son had their Kindy's annual Trikathon, a fund-raising event that's also loads of fun! Actually Jo-Lo only has a skateboard which he rarely uses because he currently finds it difficult to balance and we did not intend for him to join the trikathon. We'd just be in the sidelines cheering his classmates. But two days before that, my wife said Jo-Lo should join and so we bought him a scooter and helmet. He practiced for a couple of hours the day before the event, and before we knew it, there he was in the middle of the festivities!

Off they go!

They did ten laps, which we thought everybody wouldn't be able to accomplish but they just kept going, and going, and going, and going...
Finally they stopped in the middle of the field and got their certificates and goody bags!
Jo-Lo watching the afternoon session Kindy cycle their way through the loop.

Enjoying the day with his best friend

Back at the Kindy, there were lucky dips, dig the sand for treasure, raffle, sausage sizzles...

... dancing...
... ice cream! ...
and a clown to wrap up the day's festivities.
It was a fun day, and Jo-Lo immensely enjoys using his scooter.


  1. It looks like a lot of fun.

  2. im sure the kids enjoyed it.

    i love the view. sana may ganyan din sa pinas.

  3. Misfit: It was indeed!

    jho: May konti pang area sa Baguio :-)


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