15 November 2010

St Brigid's School Fair

When we attended the School Fair last year, Jo-Lo was still in Kindie. Now, he's in Year One! My wife is part of the volunteer crew at the Asian Food stall so we were there a couple of hours early to prepare. But even then we were not able to do much looking around as the day progressed. The Asian food stall is quite popular. I was able to get a hard-bound cookbook though when I did a quick look around with Jo-Lo. Along with a couple of kids' books, for only 3 dollars. A bargain! And then Jo-Lo did some shopping all his own.

Jo-Lo bought Walkie-Talkies for a dollar

It was a fun day but I hope we'll have more opportunities to shop around next time :-)


  1. Anonymous11:41 am

    Looks and sounds fun Nick. Are the rolls shanghai lumpia or vegetable rolls? We'd be subjected to a lot of health inspections before we can do that here.


  2. Hi Ting. There's vegetable rolls and mince rolls, as well as dumplings. So it's that strict there? Wow.


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