06 March 2011

Directory of Filipinos in the Wellington CBD

(A Message from Allan Villarante)

As an aftermath of the recent Canterbury earthquake, I think it is important that we will have a directory to be able to connect and coordinate efforts in events of emergencies, e.g, earthquakes, tsunami, etc. Having a directory which shows details of our agencies, workplace locations (floor level in the building, etc), and immediate contact numbers might be of great help. As nobody could predict calamities as devastating as the recent Canterbury earthquake to strike the Wellington CBD, it is just to our best interest to have a directory for purposes of accounting Filipinos.

This request would be consistent with the recent Code of Practice issued by the Privacy Commissioner under the Privacy Act 1993, i.e., to help emergency services and other agencies share personal information as necessary for purposes related to the earthquake, to assist victims of the earthquake and their families. These purposes include helping government agencies to identify injured people, deal with damaged property, help people get medical and financial help, get information to families, make sure visitors to New Zealand can get home and co-ordinate services. The Privacy Act allows the collection and disclosure of personal information in emergencies, including for public safety.

Please take note that any expansion of the scope of the information requested other than the 3 questions asked in the current questionnaire could be challenged under the Privacy Act 1993. Information relating to individual telephone numbers, email addresses, number of children, (including cats, dogs, and other pets), marital status, status and position in employment are purposely missed out to prevent any person and/or organisation who may have access to this information, even the Philippine Embassy here in New Zealand, to use these directory for any other purpose other than what this is intended for – a breach to personal privacy of any individual signing in to this directory.

This directory project has been well thought of and studied carefully to protect people’s personal privacy, as much as reasonably practicable. Any addition or modification to the current form would not be the responsibility of the project coordinator at all as that would harbor breach to several principles of the Privacy Act.

If you intend to post this to your email group list (i.e., fb friends, yahoogroup, twitter accounts), please be aware that I do not intend to respond to individual opinions on this project as responding to this request for information in VOLUNTARY in nature and no compulsion or force will be made on those people who would opt to be excluded. Please no debate.

Again, information sharing requested in this form are voluntary in nature and I welcome only those who would be comfortable and willing to share their information for the above set purpose. When completed, everyone who signed in as well as the Philippine Embassy in Wellington will be furnished an e-copy of this directory for their monitoring, guidance and information.

It is much appreciated if you can encourage your friends, relatives and acquaintances working and/or may be residing within the Wellington CBD to fill in this directory. Similar initiatives within the Wellington Region and other parts of New Zealand should also be encouraged and supported.

To be able to submit your details online please click: http://tinyurl.com/pinoys-wellington-cbd and you will only provide your name, name of your organisation and your workplace address. Rest assured any information about you will not be shared unless you permit for the sharing of such.

Alan J. Villarante
Newlands, Wellington

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