15 May 2011

Weta Cave: amazing!

The Weta Cave is a mini-museum of props, scale models, and various production materials for movies that Weta worked with.  Weta is more popularly known for groundbreaking film Lord of the Rings and is one of my favourite movies of all time!  The Weta Cave showcases materials from that film, as well as from a lot of memorable others.

We were actually on another "mission" that weekend but we were in the area so we decided to have a quick visit to Weta Cave.  There was an ongoing talk when we arrived and there were lots of people about, so we were only able to see a small part of the Weta Cave.

My wife and son marvelling over the gun featured in Avatar
Ripecheep, my favourite mouse!
For Aslaaaaan!

Working at Weta must be serious fun!  Wish I can be part of this.

I hope to be able to return and see the rest of the exhibits!

Related link:  Weta Cave website

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