01 November 2011

The Salvation Army's Halloween party

Every year at Halloween, we see kids dressed up in various costumes as they roam from house to house for their customary 'trick or treat'.  And every year the Salvation Army also plays host to a fun night of games. If the event falls on the same evening as trick or treating night, then expect lesser kids roaming the streets!  I think some parents prefer this too, because then they would know where their kids are and parents can also stay for coffee and mingle while the kids have their fun.

We also prefer this because it is not customary in the Philippines to dress up and go trick or treating (although I am aware that some private subdivisions have started to adopt this).  Adults tend to have more fun with the costuming part, as it becomes part of a party theme.  In general, people troop to the cemeteries to pay their respects to their dear departed, at times staying there til late at night so it also becomes a reunion of sorts for extended families.

We are obviously too far from our cemeteries to observe All Saints Day and All Souls Day as customary, but we still keep to the tradition of lighting candles at home and cooking native delicacies.  This event hosted by the Salvation Army, however, is also a welcome addition to marking this event.  Jo-Lo first joined last year when the theme as a beach party and he went in his summer gear.  This year, the theme was Super Heroes and he came as his favourite character, Ben10.

Jo-Lo's friends as Batman and Superman

After the games, the kids gather for a meal and a show (this year's theme was about faith and the Super Hero named Jesus).  The event lasted for a couple of hours - this one started at 6PM.  Ticket is at $5.00 per kid - great value!

Thanks to the Salvation Army for the fun night.  Til next year!

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