01 January 2012

Happy 2012!

It's nearly 1AM here in Wellington.  Day 1 of 2012!  I just felt an emo moment coming on and decided to post here the stuff that I feel were memorable in 2011, good or deplorable.  (I think it's also worth remembering the stuff that made you feel bad so one is able to appreciate the better things that come his way).

We had a proper beach outing in January.  That's in the Philippines!  I find the waters of Wellington too cold.  It could be warmer up north, but we haven't had the time to do that yet.

We were saving up for a plot of land in Baguio City and had a look at development of the area.  After seeing that it was a doomed project, we decided to stop monthly payments and ask for our money back.  No word yet from the developer, LGTM.  Conscience is a bit wanting there.

Christchurch earthquake in 11 February.  The Philippine Embassy was quick to note that no Filipinos were hurt, but they made the announcement too soon.

In March, helped a not-for-profit organization with their online presence.  Created their website and social media presence.

Did our first Visita Iglesia in May, thanks to friends.

In June, Christine Joan arrived.  A Dad the second time around!

3 days of snow in the middle of August in Wellington, a once in a decade event!  I was amazed how our town was transformed into a winter wonderland but the city looked pretty much the same.

Rugby World Cup in September.  I do not know a lot about rugby but the Kiwi passion for the sport is truly infectious.

Rena incident in October.

Elections in November.  We voted for the first time here in NZ!

In December, a couple of mild earthquakes in Wellington.

What a year 2011 was.  Looking forward to better days in 2012!

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