15 February 2012

Tropang Trumpo!

If there's one thing I miss from the Philippines, it's the sitcoms.  Hilarious!  The closest thing we have here in New Zealand, I think, is the Naked Samoans and the Laughing Samoans, which are theatre acts.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen any local comedy shows on TV...

We were just watching some YouTube videos and I read somewhere that you can find almost anything in it.  So I searched for some obscure stuff such as the 70s anime Candy Candy and some 70s Philippine TV commercials.  Voila.  Found some.

And then I remembered Tropang Trumpo, one of my favourite 90s TV shows ever.  And look what I found!  What a trip down memory lane.

And of course, a search for Ober da Bakod was not far behind!

Seeing these on YouTube reminded me of how much fun we had watching TV as a family. Humor enjoyed by everyone!

(um... if I am infringing any copyright by displaying these videos here, it is not intended.  Let me know if you own the copyright to these and would rather not have these videos advertised and I will take these down)


  1. I love the good old days specially Kuya vic, tito and joey and some dolphy movies. These guys are legends!

    How about in New Zealand, is there any shows that is much like those guys? :)

  2. Hi Moogeek. There's a stand up comedy here called the Laughing Samoans but I think they are no longer touring. And there's no equivalent gag show here. Iba talaga sa atin in terms of variety in TV shows.


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