30 April 2012

My Avengers review

We finally got to watch Avengers last weekend.  It is a highly-anticipated movie event ever since the first Iron Man movie came out a couple of years ago.   And what was initially a plan to just go out with a friend became a group of 7 guys, so watching the movie became quite an event by itself!

We managed to get in Reading Cinema at Porirua half an hour early and so we were able to get nice seats.  And for such an important event in our movie calendar, 3D was in order.

Admittedly I was not expecting much of the movie.  The rapid advancement in computer animation saw superheroes flying onto the screen one after the other, each one trying to outdo the other before it, so I expected another show where stuff explodes and characters do loads of impossible stuff all the time.  Plus, I do not really follow the Avengers in comics, I'm more of a Prof Xavier fan.

Was I in for a real surprise.  I totally enjoyed watching this movie, from the start all the way to the end.  It has generous helpings of action, building up to the climactic sequences at the latter part.

The Hulk was especially effective.  Like many, I was skeptical about the change since Edward Norton did a stellar job with the role.  But Mark Ruffalo fit the bill nicely.  The Hulk's facial features were even tweaked to resemble him.  "Delight" is not a word you would associate with the Hulk, but in this movie his antics and action scenes count as some of the most memorable parts of the film.

In the Avengers, the 3D rendition was crisp.  I'm glad we watched the 3D version.

Oh, and there's another surprise for me.  I think the guard who was in the warehouse with Dr Bruce Banner was Molly Ringwald's father in the 80s film Pretty in Pink.  He looks very much like him, although a bit older.

I'm not going to divulge any other plot (other than the success the film has with the Hulk), but it's certainly one of the best films I have watched in a long while.

It is worth every cent of the $17.80 I paid for it.  Highly recommended!

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