22 February 2013

Beach fun and crabbing at Paraparaumu beach

The glorious summer had us talking of a day at the beach, and that is exactly where we headed one long weekend.  While I do love the beach, admittedly I haven't exactly been enjoying the waters here because it tends to be on the cold side.  There was even a time when we went to the beach and the wind was strong (which was cold) so we just stayed near the cars for a picnic.  Not exactly a fun day out.  However, this summer break is unlike any other we have experienced so far.  It is, as they would say, a proper summer!

Well, I still didn't take a dip because I was looking after the two kids but it certainly was loads more enjoyable than previous trips.

It wouldn't be a proper picnic if there wasn't a table full of treats!

It was Christine's first time at the beach, and she had a really nice time in the water.

Jo-Lo and the kids also enjoyed the beach and the playground nearby.

We were also at the beach for another fun activity: crabbing.  I have never seen before how it was done, and  it did look easy enough.  You just need a trap with bait inside (raw chicken meat is the popular choice).  The trap needs to be placed in waist-deep waters, wait for about 15-20 minutes, then wade back to the trap and see what you have trapped!  Too bad I was not able to take photos of the actual process.  I was discouraged to bring my camera along so close to the water, plus the beach is corrosive to cameras.  I wish I also brought a point-and-shoot for this purpose.  Perhaps next time!

We also caught some pippis, which are clams that burrow in the sandy shore.
 We were able to catch enough crabs and pippis for the party and these needed to be cooked while still fresh, so after the beach adventure we all went straight to a friend's house to cook the crabs and have a seafood dinner.
Good food, great fun, great company.

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