06 May 2013

Victory Liner's deluxe trip revisited

The last time I went on a Victory Liner deluxe trip was in 2011, and at that time I did not feel that there was anything special with it because the extra stuff - in-bus toilet, stewardess, etc were not there.  Well, things were different this time around.  We had a stewardess on board, and she performed her role admirably.  She  assisted those who would like to go to the toilet, passed on newspapers and tablets for wi-fi access, and handed us our snacks.

We decided to take the deluxe trip because we needed the extra leg room for the kids.  And in this instance we were satisfied with both the service and the trip itself.  However, if you need to stretch out every couple of hours (something that's not convenient in the deluxe trip), the aircon bus is a great deal.  Visit the Victory Liner website for costs and schedule.

(note: this is not a paid advertisement)

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  1. Welcome back Nick!
    When will you go back to NZ?


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