20 June 2013

Enchanted Kingdom

Besides Ocean Park, the Enchanted Kingdom was one of the places to visit in our list of theme parks.  It's been a while since I've been there.  In fact, it would have been more than a decade ago!  It was just recently opened then, so there were still a number of places that were under wraps when we visited around three times.  So I was curious to see how the theme park has fared over the years.  Plus, my wife and kids have never been here so it's a treat for them.  I only wished that we could withstand the summer heat.

Luckily, we did!  Heavy perspiration nothwithstanding, we had a nice time at the Enchanted Kingdom.  We spent around 8 hours roaming around and trying out rides and eating our way around.
The Grand Carousel is a must ride.  It's very beautiful and picturesque.

Jo-Lo surprised me when he said he wanted to ride this kiddie roller coaster.  He has so much fun that he took a second ride!

He went back to this ride three times.  This was his favourite among the rides we did.

I think that the park could have used some colour on the rest of the pavement, like the one below.  At the entrance, the walkway was reflecting the summer sun into our eyes that it was a bit difficult to see where we were going.
I wasn't able to ride the Rialto because I was on baby duty.  I was excited to try this out but when my wife and o-Lo got out, they just said it was ok, so I no longer joined the queue.  Nevertheless, this section of the park was just the way I remembered it.  Very nice.
We witnessed the end of this performance, and we realized we missed one heck of a show!  The Michael Jackson impersonator was top-notch.

They were thinking of taking a ride in this Ferris Wheel but I dissuaded them because I remember this turned too fast for my taste.  The ride up is just fine, but once you descend, it feels like your insides are crawling its way up your head!  I remember my friends and I held on tightly to the bars as our car made the descent.  We never rode this again in our subsequent visits.

I love bump cars!
We took another ride in the Grand Carousel before leaving.

It's nice to see that Enchanted Kingdom was well-maintained all these years.  We had loads of fun.  The food is priced just right too.  And there were lots of nice souvenir items.

Remember to bring extra clothing in case you visit.  Some rides are guaranteed to splash!

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