17 July 2013

Minions conquer the world!

What a truly interesting phenomenon this crowd psychology is.  It's when people influence each other and act in unison towards a common goal.  The effect is more apparent in dense populations, such as the Philippines.  You can readily observe how a stimulus influences a small group of people, which turns into a crowd, and into a community, and it soon avalanches as social media takes control and becomes - as netizens put it - viral.

A classic case would be the effective marketing campaign of Magnum ice cream bars last year.  For some time we had to endure countless posts about the ice cream in Facebook.  I don't think it was as successful here in New Zealand, but it was obvious that it caught the attention of Filipinos, with people enjoying Magnum (complete with selfies) outnumbering those who wondered what the fuss was all about.

Another case would be the girl who was caught on film berating the lady security guard at the MRT, and inadvertently resulted in the Twitter hashtag #amalayer.

And now, here's the latest craze: Minions!  Courtesy of the upcoming movie Despicable Me 2, coupled with toys from McDonald's Happy Meal.  There is a scramble for these lovable toys in the Philippines, and many branches have apparently run out.  The movie is riding this wave of popularity with ticket sales boost.

Not surprisingly, New Zealand has just received its share of Minions late last week, and by the looks of it, will also capture the imagination (and meal choice!) of Kiwis.

If you can't get enough of these Minions, here are a few ideas to help them on their way to world domination!

Paper Craft from paper-replika.com
-warning: there's a lot of links on this page that lead to product advertising.  What you want is the "Minions - Despicable Me Papercraft template" link that appears right after the green Download Now button.  Take note of the password.  Just copy that and paste onto the password field upon double-clicking the downloaded PDF file.

Minion modular origami - patience required!

Toilet Roll Minion Craft
These ones look fun to make, similar with papier mache'

Play Minion Rush, available from the App Store and Google Play
My son is currently playing this.  Its mechanics is similar to Temple Run.

Create your InstaMinion on Facebook

and check out all manner of Minion crafts at the Despicable Me website!

Gotta run to the nearest McDonald's for our Minions!

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