11 August 2013

Fair Weather Friend, Day 6

This is the final day of my Wellington Weather post.  When I started this last Tuesday, the Saturday forecast was looking bleak.  I was hoping for a change in the weather - some sun at least because we were going to be out and about.  Some sun and a little rain will be ok.

And the weather did change slightly.  Saturday was great, with sun and overcast skies, and some scattered drizzle.  And though it rained today, it wasn't that strong and we managed our trips just fine.

The lesson I learned from this week's blog marathon is that while the Wellington weather can change unexpectedly, the forecast can be reliable for the next couple of days.  Four days into the future and onwards, you can take the forecast with a pinch of salt.  But if there is prediction of a major disturbance such as a storm, of course it is always best to heed the warning!

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