09 September 2013

Daffodil Festival at Carterton

The early Sunday morning sun found us taking an hour-long road trip to the quaint town of Carterton.  It was  the day of the Daffodil Festival, and we're trying to go early so we can bring home a nice bunch of daffodils.  I have never seen a daffodil field before, and I imagined it would be quite a sight so we said 'yes!' to an invitation to attend the festival.

We were informed beforehand that the trip would take us up a mountain through winding roads, and there were indeed sharp turns and bends.  I'm glad we went early so we don't have to deal with the possible traffic, and I'm thankful that we're driving on automatic transmission!

The view was breathtaking, but I only caught glimpses as it does get difficult to enjoy the scenery and drive at the same time.

When we finally arrived at the beautiful town of Carterton, we stopped by to immerse ourselves with the sights and sounds of the festival.  A couple of streets were blocked off, with stalls and shops set-up on either side.  The forecast was overcast, but soon the sun came out and it really made the event a lot more festive.

These purple and white plants caught our attention.  These looked like ornamental veggies!

We arrived at around 9:40 so there wasn't a lot of people around.  But when we got back after our trip to the Daffodil field, it certainly got a lot busier.

The field was opening at 10am.  We wondered though if we should have driven there earlier because there were more than 60 cars parked already, with more vehicles coming in.

It was a pretty, relaxed afternoon.  I experienced a quiet enjoyment with friends and family, in a field of daffodils!

We promptly paid for our bunch (an affordable $4) then went back to the town proper to spend a couple more hours in the festivities.

Carterton is a very beautiful place.  No high-rise buildings, wide open spaces, friendly people.  The event was thoughtfully organized, foot and vehicular traffic was managed well, and you can see that the people are enjoying the fair.

We left by mid-afternoon, across the winding roads through the mountain and back to our homes, with bright and cheery daffodils in our hands.

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