05 January 2015

Happy 2015!

2014 had been good to us overall, and the summer holidays was a relaxing finish to a great year.  Personally, I think that in our 6th Christmas break here in New Zealand, I am finally getting used to the quiet celebration, and prefer it now over the busy celebrations in the Philippines.

Which reminds me of the YouTube video I saw of the end of year celebrations in Manila:

It is quite awesome to behold, and this is the kind of new year celebration I have been accustomed to.  Sure, we would still like to make a lot of noise (as customarily it is supposed to drive away bad luck, and it's lot of fun), but not to extremes.

We actually just had a simple celebration with friends for New Year's eve, then called it a night at 12.30am.

This worked nicely for us as we were not too tired to be up and about on New Year's day, and the kids were well rested too.

I look back and we were indeed blessed this year. There have been many good things which happened to us, and I regret that I have not been writing as much to document the year that has been. I hope that this year will be different.

Is that a resolution I hear? Indeed, it is. Perhaps I will not be able to blog as regularly, but I will make the effort to document the relevant stuff.

I wish everyone a prosperous new year!

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