06 March 2024

We'll always be together, together in electric dreams

We did something awesome over the weekend. We watched a concert! It's something I haven't done in years. I think the last time was in the 90s. During that period I sat in a stadium for a Corrs concert, I stood amidst a rather hyper crowd of Incubus fans (to be honest, I thought I was the oldest in that crowd), and jammed with Parokya ni Edgar in a more intimate outdoor venue in Cebu. So it has indeed been a long while and frankly I'm not really a concert-goer and I thought those days are far behind me. And yet there were were in a huge outdoor venue listening to 80s and 90s bands. Nik Kershaw performed but I'm not familiar with his songs. Go West was also there and I managed to sing to some of their tunes (especially King of Wishful Thinking!). But the highlight of the event was The Human League!

It was synthesizers galore. I loved the upbeat music and the crowd loved it too!

If I felt I was the oldest in the Incubus concert, this time I felt I was the youngest :-). We queued to buy some cider and beer and the people in front of us admired our matching shirts and 80s getup. Then they said we did a good job, considering we were born in the 80s. Ha! Thank you, Asian genes!

It's awesome the band sang their more popular hits, but the less known songs were also cool and upbeat. The crowd sang with most of the songs - I wish I did my homework prior to the concert.

Ah, to feel young again. To dance and sing to the 80s beat of the drum. There's nothing like the 80s, I tell you.

Now, if OMD or Information Society would schedule a concert in town, I just might consider going out again...

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