29 June 2024

It's a bright June afternoon; it never gets dark

When the month of June rolls in, the fleeting of time never fails to dawn on me. Just recently, my two kids became a year older and we celebrated another year of marriage.

Time just keeps on marching on.

This is actually the first time my son celebrated his birthday away from us. Good thing there's Uber Eats. My daughter, on the other hand, still likes hanging out with her friends so they ice-skated while the parents hovered and chatted nearby.

At times it's a confusing mix of feelings.

I think I'm a naturally melancholy guy. I celebrate these milestones in our lives but at the back of my head a certain loneliness lingers. I guess, when you find yourself uncontrollably sleepy some afternoons and struggle to bend to tie your shoes, or even rise from a particularly low sofa, then you know time is racing against you too.

I've always tried to brush this feeling off and try to focus on the happy bits. But this month I realised that I may be doing it wrong. I think I need to accept both the 'bad' and the 'good' in me if I am ever to find inner peace.

Hang on.... this actually sounds like a mashup of King Fu Panda and Inside Out.

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