17 October 2005

Baby thoughts


As I looked at Jo-Lo squirming incessantly as he laid down and do his baby talk, I wondered what wondrous things he will do and experience as a kid. Will he ...

- take long walks with his friends from home to The Botanical Gardens and back?
- catch tadpoles, put them in jars, and watch the black bodies swim against the afternoon sunlight?
- obssess with papier mache' and make molds out of anything in the kitchen?
- make kites and fly it in Burnham Park?
- play with paper boats in rainy afternoons?
- be interested with origami?
- plant trees, flowers and vegetables?
- make handmade greeting cards?
- do makeshift tents using blankets and the living room sofa?
- get stranded in a raging river with friends on a rainy weekend afternoon?
- love Lego too?
- collect stamps, coins and rocks?
- like rainy days just the same as the sunny ones?
- write to Santa Claus and ask for Lego?
- be entertained with weekend cartoons?
- get interested in reading?
- like eating vegetables?
- take up his blog when he's capable of writing?

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