25 October 2005

Jollibee? McDonalds? KFC?

Going back to my LPIII post and reading the comments made me hungry yesterday! So I headed straight for the nearest Jollijeep station and got my fill of lumpiang toge' (mung bean sprouts) and turon (fried bananas). Ah, now I can't blame you guys for getting hungry when you read up on food posts here because I personally experienced the effect [which is ironic, because this isn't even supposed to be a food blog!]. Don't take it on me though if you gain a few pounds! :-)

And a while ago, I had two pieces Chickenjoy with rice, extra rice, and iced tea from no other than food chain Jollibee! Well, aside from mentioning this store in a previous post, it's the nearest one to our office where I can get my chicken fix.

But I prefer the spicy chicken of KFC. Top that with their yummy gravy and you get a tummy-filling lunch! What's the secret of their gravy anyways? It's just too good to pass up on! Second on my list is McDonald's. Although I seem to be sensing a difference in taste to their chicken these days than the one I got hooked on. And third on my list is Jollibee's Chickenjoy. I don't know ... I just prefer McDonald's chicken over Jollibee's. But it's good though that both serves unlimited gravy already. But I'm not too picky. Whichever store is nearest at the moment I get my chicken craving gets my order.

So which chicken meal do you prefer? McDonald's, Jollibee, or KFC?
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  1. isnt Chowking is the nearest chain to your office? they have chicken too you know...

  2. G, I'm talking about stores that have been selling chicken as one of their main products. Yung sa Chowking, incidental lang. They had it only recently, if you compare it to their list of noodle-based items. Like Greenwich, relatively malapit rin sa amin yun but their chicken was also a recent addition to the menu.

  3. Teka, matagal na ba yung chicken lauriat? Hmmm...

  4. Over here, every Filipino party that I have been to contained a container of KFC. Of course when I make my now famous lumpia shanghai, the KFC is always the second to run out.

  5. Anonymous1:41 am

    "Don't take it on me though if you gain a few pounds!"

    Contrary to what you said, I would thank you if I gain a few pounds :D

    In terms of chicken meals, I like KFC more than the of McDonald's and Jollibee's, theirs have more flour and egg than meat. I also like munching on Kenny's, Max, Greenwich, Shakey's, and Texas.

  6. I wish there's Jollibee here where we live Atlanta). KFC and MCDonalds marami, the closest thing to Jollibee we can find is Popeyes. But Jollibee still the best.

  7. sige mangingget paaaaaa.. hahahaha!

    i miss the mcdo chicken. meron kasing chickenjoy at swang sawa na kami sa kfc!

    lumpiang toge with spicy vinegar is da best!

  8. I have always loved chickenjoy, but I love KFC, too. For me they're different, so pareho ko gusto. KFC for the gravy. I used to like Mcdo fried chicken with its paprika flavor, but when they changed that to crispy, I withdrew, it's so floury.
    The Chowking chicken lauriat has been here long, what's new is the Chinese fried chicken. Sarap! No batter whatsoever!
    I ate at Super Bowl last night, they had these humongous fishballs that I wanted to order, but the price prevented me. Grabe hang-over ko dito sa LP3. ;-)

  9. matagal ng may fried chicken sa chowking.... they had that fried chicken meal long before they introduce the lauriat line....

    but somehow i prefer shakeys fried chicken... too bad maliliit na lang ang mojos nila... 2nd is KFC hot and crispy then Mcdo cripy hot chicken...then jolobee and onwards

  10. Mr. Abbey, lumpiang shanghai is one of my favorites. In fact, I just had some over lunch! Since your lumpia is famous, you must have been able to adapt it to Filipino taste! Hope you're enjoying our Filipino food!

    Hello fleeb! Just got back from your tech site. Nice!

    Hello Angelove! A vote for Jollibee!

    Jeff, one vote for McDo then? :-)

    Kai, try ko nga Chinese fried chicken next time. 2 votes Jollibee, 1 vote KFC!

    G, one vote for Shakey's! :-)

  11. shakey's hands down. :) tapos kfc, tapos jollibee chickenjoy sa philcoa.

    gutom tuloy ako. :(

  12. kfc ako pag chicken.
    mcdo ako french fries.
    jollibee ako pag burger... sarap ng champ!


  13. oops, forgot to vote.. McDo syempre. =)

  14. ok, i love max's and then kenny. panalo ito. sa choices mo, i like mcdo i guess. then kfc then jollibee. kasi may blood yung ibang chicken joy eh.

  15. hang luffit mo Sir Nick!!!
    lunok-laway na lang ako... i cud gain not even a gram, huhuhu

    no Jollibee here so we go to Mcdo for happy meal!

    4 me i prefer Burger King!

  16. Anonymous6:01 am

    Thanks for visiting may site, although it is still a bit primitive.

    Now that I think about these foods, I would like to have a job, but then I do not think some employer would simply accept an unofficial grad who does not have his credentials yet (depends on the job).

    Bird flu aside, I can't help but think of having a meal in one of those restaurants :P~~

  17. I luv Macdonalds french fries,KFCs fried chicken But would rather go to Jollibee kaso wala naman dito,schucks! ka miss!!

  18. In my list, it is a tie between Jollibee's ChickenJoy and KFC's Hot and Crispy. I also enjoy Popeye's Chicken. McDo is never on my list...sorry for that, but I simply can't figure out their chicken.

    Careful on these chickens and unlimited gravy though....if you are not a contestant of Amazing Race and spends most of your time in the office facing a computer, you better get some good exercise to burn the calories they give you.


    Keep it cool! :)

  19. Ay oo nga Dyezebel! Love ko rin chicken ng Shakey's!

    Hello penovate! I lost count na hehehe.

    Bloody chicken, dessagirl? Yikes.

    Neneng, love ko Whopper ng Burger King!

    Hello fleeb! Still studying? Wow, your blog shows a lot of tech promise!

    Hi cheh! Wala pa Jollibee in your area? Proud to be Pinoy pag Jollibee...

    Thanks Doc for the advice. Actually balak ko na talaga mag-gym starting November para lumiit ang bulging tummy ko.

    And thanks for the greeting! Doc naman, binuking pa edad ko. :-)

  20. uy hapi bertdey mo pala! hapi bertdey manong! :)

  21. KFC (original? - not the hot one) it is for me. Jollibee chicken, although big, tastes bland. And I don't like the peppery taste of Mcdo's.

  22. beerday mo pala Ser!
    alles gute zum geburtstag!!!

    where's d party? JB, McDo or KFC... kaya pala nagtatanong ka, hehe

    ok's na yong Whopper pero dapat may fries, cola, salat, und...und... danke!

  23. Jollijeep, nakakamiss yan especially when i was working in makati. it brought back some of my SGV memories.

    nice pic! i wonder, do you bring your camera with you all the time?

  24. at least u still have the appetite for ur food after taking pictures of them. ha ha ha. i've long since stop taking picture of what i eat when my friends started to look at me funny and threatened to take away my food.

  25. tsk. kaya ka tumataba. don't blame tina na po for the weight gain. :)

  26. Thank you Manang Jessie!

    Abaniko, I love KFC too! Love the gravy!

    Neneng, Children's party tayo! hehehe

    Hello Owen! Camera phone lang ang dala ko. Naayos na yung memory card ng Nokia 6630 ko, kaya back to blogging with photos ako! :-)

    Yeah Amie... you know a person has a blog when he/she starts taking photos of food ... hehehe

    Hi Cherry! Ironically, my wife suspects I have been drinking too much that's why I've become overweight ...

  27. Ay ako Jollibee forever. Sama mo na boto ni Papa... Jollibee kami pareho. :D

  28. i love chickenjoy!!!!

  29. Hmp... I like Jobi, Mcdo n KFC. Pero the best din naman ang ANDOK'S ahhhh.. Sarap Sarap!!!


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