17 October 2005

Baby thoughts


As I looked at Jo-Lo squirming incessantly as he laid down and do his baby talk, I wondered what wondrous things he will do and experience as a kid. Will he ...

- take long walks with his friends from home to The Botanical Gardens and back?
- catch tadpoles, put them in jars, and watch the black bodies swim against the afternoon sunlight?
- obssess with papier mache' and make molds out of anything in the kitchen?
- make kites and fly it in Burnham Park?
- play with paper boats in rainy afternoons?
- be interested with origami?
- plant trees, flowers and vegetables?
- make handmade greeting cards?
- do makeshift tents using blankets and the living room sofa?
- get stranded in a raging river with friends on a rainy weekend afternoon?
- love Lego too?
- collect stamps, coins and rocks?
- like rainy days just the same as the sunny ones?
- write to Santa Claus and ask for Lego?
- be entertained with weekend cartoons?
- get interested in reading?
- like eating vegetables?
- take up his blog when he's capable of writing?


  1. ser watson, he will do almost the same things as we did before (we're still kids btw), being a kid.

    enjoy and cherish the moment!

  2. Thanks Jeff! I do hope he will also have a blast being a kid, the rising prices notwithstanding. Cherry balls at 1 centavo each, tex at a few centavos per 10 pieces, super robots ...

  3. looking at jolo's pics made me think of only one thing... undeniably, jolo is nick jr talaga.

  4. nick,
    just make sure he doesn't get hooked on PS2 and TV. make sure he reads books and plays sports. no to sweets either.

    wag naman ganyan. kawawa si jo-lo.

  5. ang cute! he looks s much like his daddy!

  6. Thank you, Igor, Cherry, and Amie!

    Opo, Tita Cherry...

  7. im sure he will put up his own blog site. mabibigla ka na lang that he'll be capable of doing things more than what you have wished for. hehehe!

    congrats again!

  8. you practically described a typical childhood in baguio... sigh. lovely. :)

    at oo, kamukhang kamukha mo nga. :)

  9. Thanks Owen!

    Talaga, Dyezebel? Sabi kasi nila, kamukha ng Nanay... sabi ko nga lalaking Tina si Jo-Lo e :-)


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