05 October 2005

This week's for Jo-Lo

Whew! What a week. Lots of things to do here at the office. We have an event tomorrow, plus we're preparing for the company anniversary on the 28th, and there's another event on the 21st, and a lot of other office-related activities to do.

But when I'm out of the office, I'm working on the last minute details for the details on Jo-Lo's baptism. His christening is this coming Saturday. My officemates who will be coming are equally excited.

Everybody (including me) assume that I will be bringing Blackie (that's the car) along, so they have been bringing in their gifts to the office and piling it into my cubicle so they no longer have to worry about bringing these in the bus. But my co-driver Harry is currently ill and is recuperating. I do hope he gets well in time for tomorrow night's drive.
Friends and family from Quezon province, La Union, Manila, and Baguio City will be there to wish Jo-Lo well. I'll send news next week. Or rather Jo-Lo will. Until then!
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