02 November 2005

DIY and instant delicacies

I spent the Halloween weekend in Baguio (my hometown) and had a lot of fun helping in making suman, which is a tradition in our home during Undas. I have a post about this in the Baguio-Quezon blog.

Anyways, our trip to the market brought a lot of delightful memories of DIY (Do-it-yourself) delicacies. There's lots of colorful sago to choose from. Cook that with camote (sweet potatoes), gata (coconut milk), bola-bola (flour balls), and langka (jackfruit) to make sumptous guinataan!

There are also sweets readily available such as yema (a sweet concoction made from milk), macapuno (sweetened young coconut), and ube balls!

We bought our suman ingedients in the morning and bought some of the macapuno balls as well. My wife, Jo-Lo and I spent the night at my parents' place where we made the suman [see my post at Baguio-Quezon :-)] and at dinner, we were treated to dinengdeng and inihaw na bangus! I miss home-cooked meals!

PS. We also bought Chowking's Chicken Supreme with its unique sauce and it was delicious!
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