09 June 2006

For a new year's day

As far as I know, I'm the only one here in the office with a coin bank on the desk. It comes pretty handy actually, what with a load of coins in your pocket given as change from the many stores visited during the day.

I was delightfully surprised to learn that Cruise also has a coin bank on his table. And his is nice! When you reach a certain level, you get to know approximately how much is already in the "bank". I thought it was a cool blog topic and decided to post mine too. Thanks for the idea, Cruise!

Mine looks like a mailbox. You insert the coins in the slot supposedly for the letters. So in there goes my 5- and ten-peso coins.

And what to do with the coins I've saved? Nope, it's not for a rainy day. It's for New Year's Day!

We have this fun custom that at the strike of twelve, everybody would gather at the living room, waiting in excited anticipation. our Nanay would show up shortly and throw coins into the living room, and then into the rooms of the house. It's a mad scramble for the coins! Sometimes we would pick up paper bills as well. What fun! We'd ignore the 25-centavo and lower coins and go for the 5's and 10's.

I have some photos of this event. I will post it in a future article.

Until then, happy weekend everyone!
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