27 June 2006

When it rains, it pours

Monday, June 26
7:00AM - arrive in Manila from Baguio
9:00 - Arrive at the office. I'm late!
There's supposed to be a meeting in the morning but no confirmed time so I don't attend.

4:00PM - there's a plenary session but we did not attend because we're having problems with our event on Wednesday.
5:00 - release the news to sales about the Wednesday event changes
5:30 - get called to the Principal's Office to explain what happened.
6:30 - haul office things to pad for ingress
9:00 - sleep with slight fever.

Tuesday, June 27
4:00AM - wake up groggily
5:00 - ingress at hotel for event with Pauline
6:30 - go back to apartment to haul things to pad
8:00 - take a ride back to pad; couldn't help but take a nap at the apartment
9:00 - Pauline informs me that she's the only one at the booth; I rush to get changed
9:30 - in the hotel at last
11:45 - writing this post at the booth via 3G. Nice.

2:00PM - Return to office to prepare things for tomorrow's event.
2:00PM onwards - who knows what will happen next?

Wednesday, June 28
Morning: who knows what will happen next?
Afternoon: The much-anticipated event ingress
5:00PM - start to meet and greet guests
7:15PM - finally relax. I wish.

Thursday, June 29
8:00AM - another event until 12 Noon!
2:00PM - Pauline goes to another event.

Friday - sleep day. I WISH.


  1. nicanor,
    hope all goes well tomorrow. good luck! and sue those people for what they did. sobrang hassle un.

  2. Anonymous9:34 pm

    bakit di kasama blogging sa hectic schedule mo? hehehe

  3. er.... i feel um, a bit responsible for this... sir nick! i promise to look for a new specialist soon.. iris and i called up some people today.. sowi talga...

  4. so what happened? did u have ur weekend?

  5. Grabe, hectic ang sched. Grabe ang racket mo Kuya Nick, he he.

  6. Grabe talaga Cherry. And since I head Marketing, ako ang responsible to explain to management. Aaargh. Kahit di ko fault, feeling ko ako yung nasa hot seat.

    Cruise, nasisingit pa rin kahit paano. Like now. bwehehehe

    Dessagirl, talagang coincidence lang na nawala si Danilo at bigla tambak ng work. Don't worry about it and hopefully we can get a replacement soon.

    Penovate, I spent my weekend with Jo-Lo so ok na rin!

    Jairam, sana nga may kickback ako sa mga racket na ito e. Pero wala. Bwahuhuhuhu

  7. uy sir nick, nabalitaan ko na sa walter mart na daw gagawin yung superman. ano nangyari?

  8. mahabang kwento at sakit sa ulo Chu. May gulo between the cinema at the producer at naipit ang mga nagpa-reserve. So ayun ginawan na lang ng paraan. Buti na lang pwede mo na i-compare sa Glorietta4 yung cinemas nila.

    Ayan binuking mo na rin ung problem na ginawa kong blind item sa post ko. bwehehehe

  9. oh my God! that's too bad. i can't bloody imagine...pweh! bakit ba ang feeling ko mag-english eh nababarok nga ako minsan dito pag kausap ko yung mga clients. minsan nga napapa "opo" ako sa kliyente eh. hahaha!

  10. That's ok wats0n, may cisco backpack ka naman ;-) di bale, matatapos din mga marketing events mo..you and fisherpau did a great job!

  11. Chu, turuan mo sila mag conyo-speak para maka-adapt sila sa yo. bwehehehe.

    Uy thanks sa bag ha, Princess Em. I lab it!

  12. bwahuhuhu ginamit ko PC ni follen kanina, naka auto-login pala so sya yung nakalagay sa comment above. wahahaha


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