02 June 2006

The Dennis Conspiracy

What a strange coincidence it was when we went to Davao. I call it, the Dennis Conspiracy!

Is there a higher being that makes coincidences extra strange? Or I've watched too many Twilight Zone episodes? Or is it the durian effect?

The Support Engineer who went with us to Davao was Dennis. Nothing out of the ordinary actually, until we had dinner at Em's house. We learned that her older brother's name is Dennis.

Why, my older brother's name is Dennis too. Hold on ... Chu's older brother is also a Dennis!

Had any strange name coincidences lately?
(twilight zone background music fading in the distance)
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous11:59 pm

    I'm reading this entry right now and guess what? My husband's name is Dennis! Haha!

    Hey I finally wrote about Amici!!! Thanks for being one of those who reco'd the place. :)

  2. tininini - tininini - tininini
    (welcome to the twilight zone!)

  3. hmmm...my bro's bestfriendis Dennis, may brod ako na Dennis. so far, yun lang ang mga Dennis sa buhay ko :)

  4. Yung katext ko kagabi Dennis ang pangalan, taga Davao din


  5. uh... you were not supposed to have figured this out. as we speak, men in black are currently knocking at your apartment door, ready to wipe your memory out and replace your thoughts on the "dennis conspiracy" with thoughts of acquiring a taste for durian...

  6. kaw naman...talagang common lang talaga ang name na dennis..

  7. Hey, I've got a niece named Denise!

  8. Anonymous10:13 pm

    hindi naman siguro iisa tao lang mga denises na yan, hehehe. joke pamatay twilight zone...

  9. ako wala akong kilalang Dennis..hehehe (para maiba naman)

  10. That makes 2, Jairam!

    Balikbayan Box, hindi kaya ito yung Dennis na kapatid ni Em? hmmmm...

    Meowok, thanks for the warning. I think I got unplugged. Ay, wrong movie.

    Si Em o, sinira yung conspiracy theory ko...

    Phil, is this a conspiracy or what!?

    Cruise, pag-iisipan ko yan...

    Ann, unique ka!


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