14 June 2006

Settling down

All my things were hauled in a truck last Saturday night enroute to Baguio City. My wife had rented a bigger place for us and was waiting to receive the furniture, appliances, and all my toys!

We arrived at 8 in the morning. Whew! I rode in the truck as well and I was so sleepy that I managed to drift in and out of consciousness while the driver sped away into the morning light. Of course it made me all the more dizzy from lack of sleep but there was work to be done.

We made our way through Kennon Road. It was my first time to ride a truck so I was treated to the nice mountainside view in the early morning.
Upon arriving we unloaded all the things into the house. I took a nap before lunchtime then started unpacking well into the night. There wasn't much space for my toys so I re-packed most of them for storage.

Baby Jo-Lo loves the new place. He loves running to and fro in his walker, stopping every now and then to stare at the TV screen.

I like the way the living room is turning out. We still need to drill holes on the wall to hang our heavy posters but things are looking great! I look forward to coming home during weekends to unwind.
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