27 June 2006

When it rains, it pours

Monday, June 26
7:00AM - arrive in Manila from Baguio
9:00 - Arrive at the office. I'm late!
There's supposed to be a meeting in the morning but no confirmed time so I don't attend.

4:00PM - there's a plenary session but we did not attend because we're having problems with our event on Wednesday.
5:00 - release the news to sales about the Wednesday event changes
5:30 - get called to the Principal's Office to explain what happened.
6:30 - haul office things to pad for ingress
9:00 - sleep with slight fever.

Tuesday, June 27
4:00AM - wake up groggily
5:00 - ingress at hotel for event with Pauline
6:30 - go back to apartment to haul things to pad
8:00 - take a ride back to pad; couldn't help but take a nap at the apartment
9:00 - Pauline informs me that she's the only one at the booth; I rush to get changed
9:30 - in the hotel at last
11:45 - writing this post at the booth via 3G. Nice.

2:00PM - Return to office to prepare things for tomorrow's event.
2:00PM onwards - who knows what will happen next?

Wednesday, June 28
Morning: who knows what will happen next?
Afternoon: The much-anticipated event ingress
5:00PM - start to meet and greet guests
7:15PM - finally relax. I wish.

Thursday, June 29
8:00AM - another event until 12 Noon!
2:00PM - Pauline goes to another event.

Friday - sleep day. I WISH.
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